Monday, 5 February 2018

Broken Paws - Same -1986- (Tape, Self-Released), Canada

Broken Paws was a solo project of one Richard Reynols from Calgary, Canada. On this only self-titled cassette he plays a variety of different instruments in combination with electronic drum computers and synthesizers, creating over an hour long cassette full of minimal synth and experimental home-taping tracks.

I guess in a way some tracks carry a similar zeitgeist of other minimal synth artists from Canada in the eighties like Ohama, Ceramic Hello, or Lou Champagne System. Still I think that Broken Paws has a much stronger experimental DIY approach to it, not afraid to move far away from the common sounds of the overly known corporate analog gear doing a new wave pop-song (although some tracks come close).

There is a lot more insane manipulation, cinematic sound improvisation and the creative blend of instruments in the form of analog synthesizers with a clarinet or a music box. In a way atmospherically it stands much closer to the tape-album of Canadian artist Edie Steiner but it also has a feeling of stuff like Unovidual, Á Suivre or Brobat Enema.

Anyway, it's still quite a good and varied release with some nice minimal synth, new wave and home-taping experiments. Also it has a lovely art work. The cassette has been digitized before as part of the Noise-Arch Archive, but the first ten minutes of that particular tape were damaged and absent, so hereby I can present it in its entirety!

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Minafra, Reijseger, Bennink - Noci...Strani Frutti - Live at Europa Festival Jazz -1991- (CD, Leo Records), Italy/Netherlands

This is a rare CD-only release of a live concert of Italian jazz trumpeter Pino Minafra with Dutch Cellist Ernst Reijseger and Dutch drummer Han Bennink. It took place at Europa Jazz Festival di Noci somewhere in Puglia on the 14th of July, 1990. Because a lot of information is already in the booklet (click on it) I keep it short:

Minafra is an important figure in the Italian free-jazz and avant-garde improvisation scene. In 1990 he founded the Italian Instable Orchestra (IIO) to bring Italian jazz musicians closer together since many of them never played together because of the big distances between the northern and southern part of Italy. Minafra and the IIO can be compared to the Dutch Willem Breuker Kollektief (only less of a constant entity) and were a.o. indeed influenced by the Dutch improvisation and free-jazz scene. Hence this great collaboration with Ernst Reijseger (of whom I have posted other albums on the blog) and legendary impro-drummer, Fluxus artist and ICP Orchestra founder Han Bennink.

A nice slab of European free-jazz! Specially the voice parts.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

Various Artists - In Keller -1997- (CD, Gold Coast), Netherlands

This is quite a very nice compilation around artists that performed at the Galerie Keller in The Hague during the nineties. Also it's the first CD that I ever post on the blog. Lately I did some searches and found some CD rarities in my house that I will start to post at times.

In Keller compiles some important Dutch experimental acts. One of them is Kapotte Muziek, founded in 1984 by Frans de Waard who is still active today today with this project as well as many more. Kapotte Muziek is one of the pinnacle electro-acoustic, found and recycled sounds, noise, industrial and everything in-between music acts of the past decades in The Netherlands.

Then there is also living legend techno act Unit Moebius that emerged as the great anti-hero force of the DIY and squatting scene of The Hague's underground and punk minded rave culture of the early nineties. The unit is also responsible for the whole Bunker Records legacy. One of the Unit Moebius' founders Jan Duivenvoorden (a.o. Leuk & Ko, Shitcluster, Salò Mentale) is also included once more on this compilation under his moniker Nimoy.

Furthermore on In Keller there are installation sounds by Icelandic artist Haraldur Karlsson and experimental guitar drone by Ultrasound (Robert Ovetz and Kirk Laktas). Lastly present on here is sound artist Anne Wellmer and a few unknown hero's like Marcel Kaars with Didi Fire and Stephane Brys.

In Keller was released in a limited edition of 50 self-made copies. It was put together with a lot of care which subsequently resulted in an incredible album of experimental music. 

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Blacklight Braille - The Carbonek Album -1991- (LP, Vetco), US

Merry Christmas and an Archaic New Year to all followers of the blog!

Blacklight Braille was an ever morphing band from Cincinatti, Ohio led by musicians Owen Smith and Doug Knight. The band claimed their own style called "Fringe Rock". Once they described it in a very good and thorough interview from 1993 as:

"Music created by rock musicians, yet not quite meeting the classical definition of rock' n' roll. It differs to the degree that it might be said to fall within an entirely different location, fringe rock. When we started, we were doing a music that was so far out on the fringe that the beauties were cryptic or hidden. It is highly improvisational music created with the available technology, and it searches for new and different musical instruments and sounds, You can't dance to it, but it does have elements of rock music."

Blacklight Braille made numerous albums on their own Vetco Records and started out in the mid-seventies as a collective of street performance artists and musicians under the name Bitter Blood Street Theatre. They acclaimed some underground fame in Cincinatti for their weird shows. Eventually they created the project Blacklight Braille with their first totally demented and experimental collage album Electric Canticles Of The Blacklight Braille in 1981. 

Later on Blacklight Braille was also picked up by the international deviant music scenes through the many albums that they distributed to radio stations worldwide. Besides their Fringe Rock music they also started to incorporate the somewhat occult fascination for British King Arthur and the Arthurian Legends. The musical influences became even more diverse and were now being accompanied by oral stories and poetry, regularly dealing with the Arthurian Legends.

The Carbonek Album, (Castle Carbonek is the place where supposedly the Holy Grail is kept) is a strange Arthurian concept album in which the world of Arthurian legends unfolds. About ten different people are part of the band for this occasion and the album goes into many directions, ranging from electronic ambient synth sounds to the new age sounds of fountains to dark experimentation with spoken tales. It has a humerous yet serious approach always keeping the pace with the Arthurian atmospheres with tracks like The Fountain Falling From The Ace Of Cups, The Gift For Galahad and Guinhwyvare The Tall And Fair. It might remind me of later work by Legendary Pink Dots, although more demented in approach. Also It makes me think of Big City Orchestra and their vast discography of albums.

Blacklight Braille is another one of those great US bands that is very much overlooked considering their unique music and the efforts they have put in their albums. Look out for the rest when you can!

Path to the Holy Grail over HERE

Friday, 15 December 2017

Dustbreeders - Le Procès Cannibale -1999- (Single-Sided LP, Élevage De Poussière), France

Dustbreeders is an abstract noise trio from Metz that consists of Yves Botz, Michel Henritzi and Thierry Delles. The outfit exists since the early nineties and is known for their noise-induced deconstructive cavemen wall-of-sound cacaphony. In that sense they belong to the less industrial side of the French noise scene known for bruitistes like Vivenza or Le Syndicat.

Dustbreeders frequently collaborate with Japanese Hijokaidan vocalist Junko. The members have also played together with a large spectrum of noise and impro musicians ranging from Jac Berrocal to The Nihilist Spasm Band and are furthermore involved in too many ofshoot projects and releases to count. Dustbreeders live performances are intense and memorable, look at this to get an idea. Le Procès Cannibale was recorded in 1998 and was Dustbreeders' first release on a 12 inch format. From the liner notes:

The Cannibal Trial
Our music, more than any other, and most of all with so much more cruelty than any other, feeds itself with music, thus, its own kind. Eating other people's music, isn't that terribly inhuman? What can be heard in it, if not the scraps from a cruel banquet? And the atrocious agony of our fellow creatures? 

Our Instrumentation, materially as well as methodically, is a complete alimentary canal, from one hole to another. There is obviously some litigation in our comprehension of culture, regarding every school ever, and, just as obviously, this is a court as well as a trial. A curiously fair trial, notwithstanding the torturing noise that's going on. 

Which music triumphs in this cannibal trial, the one that is both judge and hangman, or the victim that's been digested but so well defended by the music-loving memory of the listener and the genius of its begetter?

Dustbreeders still exist today and their latest record can be bought over at 213 Records.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Amsterdam Stringtrio ‎- Dodekakania -1986- (LP, DATA Records), Netherlands

The Amsterdam Stringtrio was a one-off project formed by Cellist Ernst Reijseger, Violinist Maurice Horsthuis and double bass player Ernst Glerum. Three Dutch string instrument musicians that recorded this album in Amsterdam for the occasion. All of them have been members of the ICP Orchestra and have played with many other recpected improvisation and jazz musicians, from Lol Coxhill to Derek Bailey.

To me this album is a bit too much substantiated with classical music influences, instead of the anarchic improvisation I usually like. But nevertheless it's still very atmospheric and gets into more adventurous parts throughout its progression. In any case it's another piece of the Dutch avant-garde music puzzle that I try to give attention to on the blog every now and then. It reminds me a bit of Louis Andriessen's soundtrack Golven, Harry Sparnaay's Bass Clarinet Identity II or the Brazilian MEC 70 compilation: all posted here on the blog a long time ago!

Another highlight to me is the incredible artwork of this album which was designed by the artist Maryke de Vries and specially printed by artist Zeger Reyers. Dodekakania was limited to 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies.

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There's a chance the blog will run out of material in the near future, although there are still posts to come. It is getting increasingly harder to find material and I have been doing this for quite some years now. I'm not saying that this blog will shut down, but I need to see how the future will develop regarding Arhcaic Inventions based on new material and the future developments in my personal life. It might also somehow elevate or expand into something new, yet similar. Let's see!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

áPolóK - Szarvasgyár -1995- (Tape, Bahia), Hungary

I finally was able to track down the last of four cassettes by Hungarian band áPolóK (The Nurses) somewhere. The other three tapes I posted before on the blog. áPolóK is one of Hungary's finest groups to rule the Hungarian underground that manifested itself during the mid-eighties until the alternative boom of the nineties after the fall of the iron curtain.

Their absurdist music displays intricate musical structures, Hungarian folklore, zappa-esque manoeuvres and alternative rock. They are comparible to the Hungarian group Tudósok. Also later bands from Eastern Europe share some of this musical absurdity like the Slovenian band Pinja Dzazna (can anyone please find those albums for me? They seem to have disappeared.)

The title of this album is Szarvasgyár meaning Deer Factory as well as Shit Iron Factory. The title makes a lot of sense since the band came from the city of Miskolc which is Hungary's main city for heavy industry. This album is probably one of their craziest, but also the one that stands closest to Hungarian folk music.

áPolóK belong to Hungary's finest experimental underground music groups. Make sure to check out their crazy video's online to get an idea of who they were. Today they still exist through other obscure bands in Hungary.


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